A Photographic Trip Through the Mission

By September 4, 2013May 23rd, 20165 Comments

This afternoon I took a stroll through the Mission District here in San Francisco to check out some of the street art. On nearly every street corner you will find something funky and unique, from graffiti to murals.

Pretty much any spare wall is seen as a blank canvas and artists take advantage by showing off their wizardry. To my amazement – and relief – most of the murals that I saw today were completely (or nearly) untouched by your typical “tagging” that seems to be synonymous with street art.

After this brief photo journal today, I am quite positive that there is a strong case here for a specific art tour. The other option I am thinking is an art specific pdf map that outlines where to find the best murals and a little about the artists.

I would love to hear if you agree so please let me know if this is something you would do in the comments section.

Below are some of the pictures I snapped.


  • Lisette says:

    Great pics! The Mission in SF is definitely a colorful pocket of the city and it’s great to see so many of the murals in one post to really highlight how artistic this neighborhood is. I’d be interested in a tour where you’d be able to meet some of the artists who could talk about the inspiration behind the murals and their stories as well. San Francisco has a lot of art, art history and culture and it would be a very unique tour. Wonderful pics!

    • Michael Glass says:

      I do know of one street artist that is leading his own tours already and he seems to be pretty well booked up. If people got to meet a few of the artists on one single tour I agree this would go down pretty well too.

  • Greg says:

    Great pics Mike. Looking forward to seeing SFO again

    • Michael Glass says:

      Thanks Greg! I keep discovering more and more of this wonderful city every month. Makes me glad we are living here.

      Can’t wait for you and Emma to come visit so we can show you around 🙂

  • Michael Glass says:

    The most unbelievable part is the fact that there really isn’t a lot of graffiti around. The artists take pride in their murals and for some reason or another there is respect.

    In most other cities you have a blank wall, or even a mural, then a multitude of “tags” over the top. This to me makes a city look neglected….. whereas these street murals are colorful and vibrant pieces of art that beautify the city.

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