What a day! I spent my morning with Kerryn, Mark and their family. Deciding to get away from the sweltering heat in their native Australia, they decided to take a trip to Vancouver and see what Canadian winter feels like. Luckily, they picked Canada’s warmest city and a day sunny, if only a bit chilly! Picking the downtown tour for their morning, we spent two hours exploring areas most tourists don’t know about while getting to experience the heart of Vancouver’s vibrant downtown core.

Unfortunately, the photos of the tour don’t accurately reflect the whole experience since my equipment got wet, but everyone still had a good time and learned a ton. I think my favorite part of the tour was getting to visit our furry friends at the local Fairmont hotel. Although there were some bumps on the journey, I really enjoyed my time and hope to see Kerryn and Mark again!

Alex Arboleda