Mexico City Guides

Rulo Luna Ramos

Born and raised in Mexico City, Rulo is an avid writer and photographer. Having been a photographer and editor for Matador Network since 2012 he regularly writes about Mexico and Mexican culture and his stunning photos have been featured across the web.

His passion for Mexico City is reflected in all the quirky details he knows about its different neighborhoods, streets, and monuments. This makes him the perfect companion to explore the city and its surroundings.

He has lived in New Zealand, visited most of Southeast Asia, and explored Mexico thoroughly. With a masters degree in environmental biology and a love of the local food, Rulo considers himself a mezcal and taco expert.

Fun fact:

“I once stalked my favorite tattoo artist who just happened to be holidaying in New Zealand while I was there. After trusting her with a blank canvas I now have an incredible full sleeve on my arm”


English and Spanish