San Francisco Familiarization

1-hour Private Walking Tour


  • See how the waterfront has changed over the years
  • Stroll through secrets gardens, including a Redwood Forest
  • Hear about the Gold Rush of 1849 and the enormous effect it had
  • Learn about the most influential banker you’ve never heard of
  • Discover some of the most stunning architecture the Financial District has to offer
  • Go in search of hidden treasures buried beneath the streets


This tour is a small sample of our Downtown San Francisco Private Walking Tour so that current and prospective booking partners can get a better idea of the type of experience we offer guests.

On this 1-hour taste,  tour you will stop at a few of the landmarks we would normally visit and your guide will also take some photos of the group as they would normally.

Unlike a normal private tour with your guests, you may be paired with other booking partners into groups. The whole experience is meant to be fun for everyone. We look forward to showing you how we run our tours and why you can feel confident sending your guests!


Meeting Point

At the front of the Union Square Apple store. Please arrive 5-10 mins early so we can leave on time.

Walking Difficulty

All downhill and wheelchair accessible.

What’s Included?

  • Photos from the tour will be emailed to you

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